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What are Auto-Responders All About?

By: Luie De Von Category: Internet Marketing Articles

Some business owners may not be familiar with auto-responders. But did you know that you can use auto-responders to improve your website marketing strategy? On this post, let’s discuss what auto-responders are and how it can help you with online advertising.

What are Auto-Responders?

Auto-responders, as the term suggests, is a pre-composed electronic response which will be automatically sent to the person who sent e-mail to your e-mail account. For instance, if a customer sends an e-mail to inquire about pricing information, this customer will immediately receive a response from your e-mail account ensuring that the message has been received and that the inquiry will be addressed at the soonest possible time. The message is sent by the auto-responder.

An auto-responder can also be set to send e-mails for varying purposes such as for following-up from customers who have previously made an inquiry or made a purchase from your shop, for order confirmations, to thank a customer, to ask for feedback, etc.

Hence, using an auto-responder can save the merchant a lot of time, responding to each and every email received just to ensure that their inquiries will be addressed to. It also gives the customer the assurance that they will soon receive the information they requested. Furthermore, this great internet marketing tool is an effective way to keep in touch with prospects and old customers.

Internet Marketing Tips for Online Advertisers

Listed below are internet marketing tips on how to effectively use auto-responders:

• Compose an appropriate message. You need to compose a standard message which could be sent as a response to everyone who will be sending you inquiries through e-mail. If you want to use this tool to do follow-ups or other purpose, you need to compose an appropriate message and set the auto-responder correctly.

• Personalize your message. Auto-responders can be set so as to make them appear more personalize, as if the letter has been specifically written for the recipient alone. For instance, you may include the customer’s name in the salutation instead of just addressing the recipient as Beloved Customer.

• Keep it short. Keep your sentences and your paragraphs short for easier reading. You want your statements to be clear, concise and compelling. Proofread your letter and eliminate excess words which do not add really add impact to your content.

• Set-up a suitable schedule for your follow-up letters. Timing is a crucial factor in e-mail advertising so you need to determine the appropriate time interval when to send your automated e-mail to get a positive response. Deciding the right schedule will of course depend on your purpose for sending the email.


About the Author
Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through campaign internet marketing, direct marketing advertising and postcard marketing.


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