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Seven Steps to Postcard Advertising Success

By: Luie De Von Category: Postcard Marketing and Advertising Articles

Advertising with postcards is wonderful for small businesses because of three primary reasons: it’s low cost advertising, it is simple, and it is proven to be an effective method to reach out to your target market.

Nonetheless, to get the best results, it’s important to do every step right. Listed below are seven essential steps toward postcard marketing success:

Start with the Right Mailing List

To get best response, you need to make sure that your postcards will be sent to the right group of people. Of course, this can only be achieved if you’re using an updated and appropriate market listing. If you don’t have your own listing, you can purchase one from a reliable marketing list broker. Or you can expand or build-up your own listing by offering an opt-in list from your site.

Make it More Personal

Postcard advertising is considered to be a subtle way of promoting a business and this contributes greatly to the fact that people respond to it more than they do with other advertising methods. Write your message in a personal style so that it doesn’t sound too formal.

Don’t try to Close Sales

Do not try to make a sale from the postcard you send. In order to convince a prospect to buy, he/she needs to know all the important information about your products or services. Because postcards have a limited space, it would be difficult to stress all the benefits that you can give your customers. This is why postcards are best use for inviting inquiries such as a phone call or a visit to your shop or website.

Grab Attention

Postcards are not placed in envelopes so that the recipient can read your message right away. Hence, it’s important to create a message that will grab your recipient’s attention instantly. If you fail to do this in the first few seconds, you may not get the best results that you expect.

Choose First Class Mailing

First Class postage may cost a bit more than ordinary mailing but it has a number of advantages such as the Return to Sender option so you can be sure that your postcards will reach the intended recipients.

Send on Tuesdays or Wednesday

Schedule mailing so that your postcards will arrive on a Tuesday or Wednesday when there is less volume of mails delivered to consumers. This will give your postcards a better chance at getting read.

Use a Simple Style and Design

You don’t need to include very elaborate graphics as this would be more expensive. This doesn’t mean that your postcards need to be boring. Instead, choose a simple and elegant design that complements your postcard marketing message.

About the Author

Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through campaign internet marketing, direct marketing advertising and post card marketing.

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