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Postcard Marketing


Does Postcard Marketing Really Work?

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Well if you have ever heard of Joe Girard, then you know it does! For those of you that have never heard of Joe Girard,he is in the Guinness Book of World Records as the man who has sold more automobiles on a 1 to1 basis then any other person, and did so for 12 straight years!

If you ask Joe how he did, he would tell you he built his business on referrals. How did Joe keep his name in front of his clients? He sent out cards every month. He kept a file on all his clients so he could remember birthdays, anniversaries, any holiday or special occasion that came into his mind he sent out a card! Its been reported that Joe sent out over 13,000 handwritten cards a month!!! Of course he needed to have 2 assistants helping him send out all those cards – I’ll show you how you can send out 30,000 cards a month each and every month taking only about 20 mins of your time!

If marketing using cards can work for Joe in such a competitive market such as automobile sales, then it can work for any market out there!


Postcard Marketing – A Simple But Incredibly Effective Way Of Marketing Your Business

How much do you currently pay to reach out to your current client base?

How much does it cost you to try to acquire new clients using direct mail?

Well, the average business spends a few dollars per client to launch a direct mail campaign. What if I could show you a way that you can do so for a fraction of the cost?

With Sendout cards you put your businesses direct mail marketing campaign on auto-pilot!


Follow Our Simple 5 Step Process And Watch Your Sales Increase

  1. Set Up Your Online Account With Us – We are so confident you will like our system you can set one up for free and try out our service
  2. Choose your marketing piece. We have thousands of cards and postcards you can use to launch your campaign
  3. Don’t see one that you like? Or you have a custom card you would like to use, or even if you would like for our designers to create a special card for you. Those options are available!

  4. Upload your contact list
  5. Type in your message. Our system has built in mail merge so each card you send out is personalized
  6. Fund Your Account. For each client you want to reach the base cost is about $1.00!
  7. Press send

And You Are Done! Your campaign is now in que and will be printed and mailed the next business day!


More About Postcard Marketing Advertising


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11 Comments to “Postcard Marketing”

  1. Jim Herst says:

    I have a professional prepared, copyrighted monograph that details how an Individual (consumer, not commercial) can self-settle credit card debt at a discount.

    I’m seeking to subcontract all distribution, with orders and payment coming to me for fullfilment. I would also consider having all processing, banking and fullfillment done by another.

    Thank you. Jim Herst

  2. interested in more info

  3. Hello, It is likely our post is off topic but anyhow, I’ve gone surfing about your web site and it seems genuinely great. It’s obvious that you know the subject and you appear fervent about it. I am creating a new blog plus I am striving to make it look great, plus present quality blog posts. I have discovered much from this web site in addition to I anticipate a lot more posts and will be back soon. Many thanks.

  4. Julie Kazabi says:

    I learned a lot from this piece and will definitely keep it in my RSS. Thanks for the effort you took to explain this issue so thoroughly. I look forward to future posts.

  5. Jeffery Bradley says:

    I’m interested in marketing several self-published books using the “offline postcard to online landing page / sales letter” model. Does anyone know of any successful authors who are using this model to successfully sell their products. I can be contacted. Thanks.

  6. Denver Kerslake says:

    Hi just thought i would tell you something.. This is twice now i’ve landed on your blog in the last 2 days hunting for totally unrelated things. Spooky or what? If you wishto exchange the links with us please let me know.

  7. Stan @ Sonic Print Direct Mail says:

    @Jeffery Bradley

    I’m not sure specifically about any books. But I do have some advice for that type of project – use Variable Data with Personalized URLS (PURLS). You will be able to track the conversion to the site as soon as they travel to it. This way, you don’t have to hope that they sign up to convert. You’ll know it’s a “hot” lead as soon as they go to the website. Furthermore, you’ll increase response by compelling the person to travel there because their name is IN the URL.

    Just my .02 cents 🙂


  8. kellie gardner says:

    Wow! I can across yourself as I was researching postcard marketing and direct mail marketing campaigns. There is so much value here that I have already spent about 30 minutes reading articles.

    This is an example of a high-quality blog in action. Thank you for sharing so much valuable information with the world.

  9. I’m a freelance writer, working on an article for Dallas Market Center’s InStore magazine on postcard marketing. I would love to interview Luie De Von for my article but can’t find an email address. Article is due Jan. 4. Perhaps this is the best way to reach you?

    Hoping so and look forward to hearing from you.

    All the best,
    Dawn McMullan

  10. @Dawn – Hi Dawn! May I know what it is all about?

    – Luie De Von

  11. Yes postcard marketing is the most effective way of direct mail marketing. But if personalized url is also included in the campaign then it would give better results. This would increase the reponse rates and improves flexibility in your campaign.


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