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Postcard Marketing and the Right Mailing List

By: Luie De Von Category: Postcard Marketing and Advertising Articles

To reap success in postcard marketing, an online merchant must use the right mailing list.  If you’re an internet merchant, where can you obtain the right mailing list?  Let’s consider this very important question so you can be better prepared before launching your postcard marketing campaign.

Where can you find the right mailing list?

Many businesses prefer to purchase a mailing list from a reputable marketing list broker.  If you haven’t built your own list of prospects, you may consider purchasing as well.  The important thing to remember about buying a ready-to-use mailing list is to ensure that the database is updated.

A lot of list brokers offer a huge database of names for a cheap price.  You’ll want to avoid lists that contain non-existent names and addresses.  Before buying a listing, make sure that all the contacts on the database are qualified leads for your postcard marketing campaign.

Choosing a Mailing List

Before making a purchase, you’ll want to do more research about the listing company.  What sources does the company use to build its listing?  Are the listing updated regularly?  Avoid list brokers that purchase unsolicited contacts from other businesses.

Once you’ve found the right mailing list company, the next important step is to communicate your marketing needs.  For instance, who is your ideal target market?  The answer to this question would of course depend on the products or services you’re selling.

Do you need a listing of mothers, yuppies, or teenagers?  What is the ideal age bracket of your niche market?  Aside from the names and addresses of prospective clients, don’t forget to get to know other important details such as their age, source of income, status, hobbies, etc.

The ideal prospect mailing list should include a demographic sketch of the names in the database.  This way, you can be sure that you are purchasing a genuine and qualified listing.  Ask for a database format that is easily accessible and easy to use.  If you plan to print your own postcards, a listing in Microsoft Excel or MS Access is a good choice since you can print the names and addresses directly from the database.

Using the right listing is the key to successful postcard marketing.  Don’t waste your time and effort on people who have no genuine interest in what you offer.  Start with the right list and generate positive results from postcard advertising campaign.

About the Author

Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through Advertising Postcards , Marketing Postcard , Business Post Card.

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4 Comments to “Postcard Marketing and the Right Mailing List”

  1. Hello there.. Can you suggest any good marketing list broker? Thank you.

  2. mailing lists says:

    Given that we’re speaking about things in the region of
    EasyPostcard | Postcard Marketing and the Right Mailing List, You do not have absolute control of your list when you rely on a third party mailing list host. This is certainly the circumstance while using the free mailing list hosting suppliers. There was one time when I desired to combine 2 mailing lists using a free mailing list host (now no longer operating) but discovered that there was no real strategy for carrying it out without pushing all the subscribers of one of several lists to reconfirm their subscription for a second time, although they had already confirmed their subscription when they first subscribed to the original newsletter.

  3. Jasmine Zamarron says:

    Regarding clickbank products. Most of the stuff they sell looks spammy to me, what is your take on their marketplace? I sold one product and of course that money is gone because you need to make 5 unique sales and they take the money away if you don’t reach it. Stinks!Lisa’s last post…Competing On the Internet

  4. Yes, I agree. A lot of Clickbank products are not quality. You have to make sure they offer a money back guarantee before you buy the product.


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