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How to Use Facebook to Promote Your Small Business

By: Luie De Von Category: Internet Marketing Articles

There is no doubt that Facebook is enjoying huge popularity all over the world today with more than 500 million users actively participating in this Social Networking Community.

Are you a small business owner? IF yes, have you thought about creating a Facebook page to promote your business? If yes, consider the following tips on how you can use Facebook as an effective platform for online marketing strategy.

1. Make your Page Interesting. Creating a Facebook page for business is much like designing your business website or business blog. It has to be attractive, interesting, and it has to capture attention. Don’t forget to fill-out the information in your profile page so people would know what your company is all about. Include creative photos. According to statistics, FB pages with photos get a higher click rate than FB pages without.

2. Promote your Facebook Page. Let the world know that you are part of the Facebook community. Many people have a personal FB page and if they like your company, would easily add you to their list of favorite shops or become a fan. Promote your FB page or badge on your website, blog, Twitter, press releases, articles, and online marketing emails.

3. Update your page regularly. In order to be effective as an online marketing strategy, you need allot regular hours for updating your page and responding to your notifications. If you’re too busy to log in to your Facebook account everyday, hire someone who can do it for an hourly pay.

4. Make it interactive. Don’t just talk about your products, your services, your company, your business. Don’t forget to get your audience involved. Encourage them to engage in the conversation – give suggestions, ask questions, share ideas and experiences. Be a friend to your Facebook fans.

5. Post something new. Make your status updates witty and relevant. Avoid uninteresting status such as “Cleaning the store front”, “Just finished delivering the customer orders”, “Tired”, etc. Make your status lively and compelling so that it moves a fan to share your link on their wall or click the “LIKE” button.

6. Be human. Just because it’s a business page does not mean you need to be too formal with your posts and messages. IT’s okay to show your human side. It actually helps to let people know the person behind the company as it helps build trust. In case you receive a negative comment from an angry customer on your wall, respond to it in a polite, professional manner, making sure that the complaint is being addressed properly.


About the Author
Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through campaign internet marketing, direct marketing advertising and postcard marketing.


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