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How Adsense and Google Altered Online Businesses

By: Luie De Von Category: Internet Marketing Articles

Surf the web, open any website and you’ll see Google Adsense ads somewhere on the page.  True, Adsense is everywhere on the web.  Even bloggers post Adsense ads on their personal blogs.  So what’s with this hype?

Many advertisers have started promoting their online businesses by listing with Google Adwords.  Because internet users simply type in keywords on their browsers to search for a particular product or piece of information, Google has found a way to attract advertisers.  By bidding on the keywords, advertisers can easily get a spot on the Google search results and get more sales and recognition.

Next Google Adsense was introduced and since then, ads are not only limited to search results.  The ads can now be displayed on any website or blog giving the ads more exposure and reaching out to more people.

How does Adsense Advertising Work?

Adsense is also a type of pay-per-click advertising.  An Adsense member is given the chance to earn money based on the clicks that the ads generated.  The more people click on the ad links, the more money you earn.

Each Adsense link uses a keyword or a key phrase that was chosen by the advertiser.  Advertisers bid on the keywords and the winning bidder gets to use the link.  Thus, each keyword comes with a different cost per click.

Why do advertisers prefer to use Google Adsense for online marketing?  Launching their own advertising campaign can be costly.  For instance, hiring designers to create a banner and paying websites to run ads is a lot more expensive than pay-per-click ads.  Through Adsense, advertisers can afford to advertise online at a cheaper price.  Although some marketers feel that pay-per-click advertising can be costly, when it is done the right way, pay-per-click ads can be productive.

In addition, many internet users stay away from clicking banner ads so paying for a high price is a waste of the advertiser’s money.  But because Adsense makes use of keywords, more people are inclined to check out the links especially when they’re looking for more information.

Why Publish Adsense

Publishers also gain from using Adsense.  Getting a webhost also requires money.  But today, with the help of Adsense, many webmasters are now able to maintain their site just by working on their ads.  In fact, many webmasters have been so successful in making money out of their Adsense ads that they were able to quit their jobs and concentrate on their online business.

Even bloggers are given the chance to participate and earn through Adsense.  Most bloggers are only subscribed to free blogs but are still able to get something out of Adsense.  More importantly, blogging has encouraged online interaction and sharing of information on the web.

Pay-per-click ads like Google Adsense greatly depend on the audience’s response.  The ads are now contained within informative materials on the web.  Webmasters now spend their time and effort in researching and writing quality content for their readers.  Clearly, Google Adsense has changed the way Internet marketing is done because today, most online marketers focus on giving information to the public rather than solely advertising.

About the Author

Luie De Von is a marketing consultant with Easy Postcard Marketing and has been providing consumers and business owners with marketing strategies. For years he has helped businesses to have more and growing clients through home based internet businesses, campaign internet marketing and business post card.

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